What has happened in June & what's to come


What has happened in June & what's to come
What has happened in June & what's to come

To start July, we wanted to update you on what has happened and what is about to happen over the following months.

Microsoft for Startups

Let us start with the fantastic news that we got accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program. You might have already seen this, but this is a significant milestone and a stamp of approval for us. It will allow Squarl Collections to grow to the next level.

Besides the mentorship we get from Microsoft, we can accelerate development and marketization, which is also good news for you.

You might be wondering why this is good news for you? With Microsoft's support, we are currently looking into redefining our freemium model. First, we thought of two collections and ten items per collection. Now, we are thinking of giving you more collections.

Not only are we rethinking the freemium model, but we are also rethinking the pricing model. We will share more information on this once it is clearer and validated. Our main goal is that everyone out there using Microsoft Teams can benefit from using Squarl Collections. We want to help employees enjoy working in their digital workplace.

Chrome Extension

In one of the first webinars we did, we mentioned that we want to be as close to the experience/application/tool the user is using. For Squarl Collections, we needed to come with an extension for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, etc...

Today we can happily announce that the first Chrome extension is now available for you to test as well. With this extension, you will have your collections and bookmarks just a click away in your browser.

Our browser extension
Our browser extension

Are you interested in testing it out? You can install it here: Squarl Collections - Chrome Extension.

The extension can also be installed in Microsoft Edge and Firefox. We will publish it to the Microsoft Edge store as well in the future.

What’s next?

In July and August, we want to finalize all that we have and prepare the first launch of Squarl Collections in September.

Feature-wise, we will try to push out the sharing capabilities somewhere in July. With the sharing options in Squarl Collections, you will be able to share collections with your team or inside your company.

We will also finalize our plans for our ambassador program. Feel free to already reach out to us if you want to know more or want to be part of it. We can put you on the list to receive the information immediately when we have more to share.


We are still happy to hear from you. If you see something that isn’t working or if you have an idea, you can always reach out to hello@squarl.com or use the feedback button within Squarl Collections. If you think a feature is working great, we are happy to hear as well.

Do you want to help us out?

We want to know how you are using Squarl Collections or will use it in the future. We are looking for testers that are whiling to write a quick review of Squarl Collections to be published on our website.

One of our testers Vesa Nopanen already wrote his first thoughts which you can read here Vesa's review of Squarl Collections.

Have a wonderful day,
The Squarl Solutions team